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    The Music Production Industry
    The music industry is that which creates, performs, and promotes music. A great deal of music is produced by amateurs, but there comes a time in every budding musicians life when they want to break out onto the larger stage and perform for the wider audience, and like it or not that's where the music industry comes in.
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    Musical Training & Education
    Secondary education - The incorporation of music performance and theory into a general liberal arts curriculum, from preschool to postsecondary education, is relatively common. Western style secondary schooling is increasingly common around the world.
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    In focus - Power chords
    Power chord Everybody's heard of it, most people don't know what it really is - or simply assume it means playing a REALLY loud chord. Let's have a closer look at it. In music, the term power chord refers in the broadest sense to a chord that remains euphonious (err... for the non-geeks, that means 'sounds good') when distorted by amplification.
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    British Rock and Roll - History
    Britain and Rock music seem almost synonymous, but it wasn't always that way. The Trad jazz movement brought blues artists to Britain, and in 1955 Lonnie Donegan's version of "Rock Island Line" began Skiffle music which inspired many young people to have a go, including John Lennon whose "The Quarry Men" formed in March 1957 would gradually change and develop into The Beatles. This primed the United Kingdom to respond creatively to American rock and roll which had an impact across the globe.
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    Popular music as a business enterprise
    Much popular music is the product of the modern business enterprise, disseminated for the purpose of earning a profit. Executives and employees of popular music businesses try to select and cultivate the music that will have the greatest success with the public, and thus maximize the profits of their firm.
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